How to build a water pond in your garden

Author: Patrick Lorrain

Today I will show you how to build a water pond by yourself.Water Lily

The first thing you need to do is, ask yourself where you want to put the pond. It should be in a place where you see it instantly upon entering the yard. You may also choose to install it at the back of your back yard. By installing the pond in the back portion of your yard, you will make the yard look deeper. I recommend installing the pond where it can be visible from the house at almost any angle.

Pick a Liner

The second step is to pick the liner for your pond. You can choose a pre-formed liner or a soft liner. For this article we will discuss using the pre-formed liner. This liner is more durable, easier to install, and easier to clean. You have to choose the form before digging so you will have the exact shape and the depth of the hole.

Now that you know how big, how deep, and where your pond is going to be, you may need to check with local housing authorities to ensure your plans conform to established zoning rules. Better safe than sorry!

When this is complete, it’s time to dig. Trace the form of your pond on your lawn and measure how deep you will have to dig. Be sure to dig two inches deeper than the depth of the pond liner. To fit your liner properly, put two inches of sand in the hole before inserting your liner. This will provide a much better fit, while at the same time protecting the liner from rocks.


The third step is to bring electricity to the pond. This step should be done by a professional, if more than one extension cord is needed. You can purchase a solar pump to avoid the hassle of cords. Now you can put water into your new pond to see if everything is right. Start the pump to make sure it’s working properly before you start decorating your pond.


The fourth step, the one people like the most, is decorating your pond. Make it look as natural as you can. Use rocks and plants to hide extension cords and to hide the contour of the liner. You can now add decorative solar lighting which will provide a nice accent to your pond at night.

The only limitation you have in decorating your pond is your own imagination! Don’t be afraid to experiment. You will love the result! The thing I love the most about this hobby is that I can upgrade or change things as much as I want. Every year I add something or change something, which becomes a great conversation piece when we have friends or family over for a visit.

Good luck!

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