Flowers & Flowering Shrubs

Cherry Blossom

As well as cultivating flowers and shrubs in the garden, we allow much of it to grow wild with carpets of wild flowers appearing in springtime. The flowers below are a complete record of those we have found and photographed in the garden.

Click on the alphabetic links to find the flowers by name. Alternatively, click on the wild flower, garden flowers and flowering shrubs links to see them listed in their respective category.

Click on the flower links to find out more about these beautiful flowers and shrubs. We have included photographs not only to show how pretty these flowers can be, but in many cases to show the leaves and whole plant to help you identify them.

Finally, please take a look at our flower gallery which showcases some of the best flower photographs.

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Allium Moly Aubrieta Anemone
Astrantia New Azalea  

Barberry Bramble Brooklime
Barren Strawberry Bindweed Buddleia
Birdsfoot Trefoil Broad-leaved Dock Bugle
Black Medick Broad-leaved Helleborine Bush Vetch
Bluebell Broad-leaved Willowherb Buttercup

Californian Lilac Common Figwort Cotoneaster
Callistemon Common Mouse-ear (Chickweed) Cow Parsley
Caryopteris Common Poppy Cowslip
Charlock Common Privet Creeping Jenny
Cherry Laurel Common Sorrel Creeping Thistle
Clematis Common Spotted Orchid Crocus
Common Broomrape Common Vetch Cuckoo Flower
Common Centaury Common White Jasmine Cuckoo Pint
Common Field Speedwell    

Daffodil Dandelion Dog Rose
Daisy Deutzia Dog's Mercury

Enchanter's Nightshade Escallonia  

Field Woodrush Forget-me-not Foxglove
Fool's Watercress    

Garlic Mustard Grape Hyacinth Great Willowherb
Gentian Greater Bird's-foot Trefoil Greater Periwinkle
Germander Speedwell Greater Burdock Green Alkanet
Giant Horsetail Greater Stitchwort Ground Ivy
Goosegrass Great Reedmace Groundsel

Hairy Bittercress Hedge Mustard Hogweed
Hairy Garlic Hedge Woundwort Honeysuckle
Heath Speedwell Hellebore Hypericum
Heather Herb Bennet  
Hedge Bedstraw Herb Robert  

Iris Ivy-leaved Speedwell  

Japanese Quince    

Kalmia Kerria  

Lavender Lesser Reedmace Lilac
Lesser Burdock Lesser Stitchwort London Pride
Lesser Celandine Lesser Yellow Trefoil Lupin

Magnolia Marsh Marigold Mexican Orange
Mahonia Marsh Thistle Montbretia
Marjoram Meadow Vetchling Mouse-ear Hawkweed

Nasturtium Nipplewort  

Oxeye Daisy    

Pansy Pignut Primula
Peony Potentilla Pyracantha
Petty Spurge Prickly Sowthistle Pyramidal Orchid
Philadelphus Primrose  

Ragged Robin Red Clover Rose
Ragwort Red Hot Poker Rudbeckia Fulgida New
Red Campion Rhododendron  

Sage Slender St John's Wort Sowbread
Scarlet Pimpernel Slender Trefoil Spear Thistle
Sedum Smooth Hawksbeard Spiraea
Selfheal Snowdrop Star of Bethlehem
Senecio Soft Rush Stinging Nettle

Thyme-leaved Speedwell Trailing Bellflower Trailing Tormentil
Townhall Clock (Moschatel)    

Upright Yellow Sorrel    

Viburnum Violet Helleborine Virginia Creeper

Water Lily White Stonecrop Wisteria
Water Mint Wild Onion Wood Anemone
Weigela Willow Spiraea Wood Dock
White Bryony Winter-flowering Jasmine Wood Sorrel
White Clover Winter Honeysuckle Woody Nightshade
White Dead-nettle

Yarrow Yellow Corydalis Yucca
Yellow Archangel Yellow Skunk Cabbage  


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