London Plane Leaf

This is an area of mainly deciduous woodland with mature oaks, ashes, birches and beech trees. However, over the years other trees, both evergreen and deciduous, have been added to make an interesting mix of greenery all year round.

Click on the links below for more information about these trees. Wherever possible we have included close-up photos of the leaves, flowers, fruit and bark to help you identify trees more easily.

Also visit our tree gallery which showcases our best tree photographs.


Deciduous Trees Evergreens
Alder Common Box
Apple Cypress
Ash Eucalyptus (Gum)
Beech Holly
Common Elder Scots Pine
Field Maple  
Goat Willow  
Horse Chestnut  
Japanese Flowering Cherry  
London Plane  
Silver Birch  
Weeping Willow  
Wild Cherry (Gean)  


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