Garden Visitors - when we are not looking!

To get an idea of who or what is visiting our garden when we are not watching, we purchased a Stealthcam. This is a weatherproof camera with a built-in flash and motion detector. When movement is detected, the camera shoots off three photos. Although the quality of the photos cannot compare with a Digital SLR, they provide a good insight to activity in the garden.

We have deliberately left the time and date on the photos because it is interesting to see the amount of activity during the night. The camera has been positioned hanging from the branches of one of two apple trees. The windfall apples have proven to be irresistible to the roe deer, muntjacs, badgers and foxes.

The summer of 2007 was very good for the deer around here. We identified nine deer in total from three families - male, female and baby muntjac, a roe deer doe and two fawns, and a roe deer stag, doe and fawn.

The harvest of apples was excellent providing a good incentive to visit us!

Three Roe Deer - Buck, Doe and Fawn

The doe is rather wary. She has heard the noise from the camera and is reluctant to venture closer with her fawn. However, the stag either has no worries or is more greedy for the apples!

Roe deer, buck, doe and fawn


Roe Deer Doe

Roe deer doe


Roe Deer Buck

Roe deer buck


Two Roe Deer Fawns

Roe deer twins


Badger and Muntjac

Badger and muntjac


Doe and Fawn Roe Deer

Roe deer doe and fawn








Muntjac and Roe Deer

Muntjac and roe deer


Roe Deer Doe and Two Fawns

Roe Deer Doe and Two Fawns


Two Badgers

Two Badgers


Muntjac and Rabbit

Muntjac and rabbit


Badger and Roe Deer

Badger and roe deer


For more images of Roe Deer and Muntjac, please click the links for our deer detail pages.


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