Daffodil - Narcissus Narcissus


Colour: Yellow / Cream / White
Flowering: January - March
Height: Up to 18" (45 cm)
Family: Amaryllidaceae



Daffodils are part of the Narcissus family. They are one of the most popular spring flowers in Britain.

Comprising six petals and a central trumpet, daffodils/narcissi are a very distinctive sign of spring. They come in many variations of size and colour from almost white to orange with varying shades of yellow in between. The yellow narcissi with a large central trumpet are more usually known as daffodils.


Daffodil - Narcissus   Daffodil - Narcissus

The bulbs are usually planted in the autumn to flower the following spring, but they can be left in the ground to reappear year after year. Many of the daffodils in our garden seem to have seeded themselves and provide a pretty display in the grass before the mowing season begins.

After flowering, leave the foliage to die back before trimming off the leaves.


Daffodil - Narcissus    Daffodil - Narcissus

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