Lesser Celandine

Lesser Celandine - Ranunculus ficaria Ranunculus ficaria


Colour: Yellow
Flowering: March - May
Height: Up to 10" (25 cm)
Family: Ranunculaceae
Lesser Celandine    


Lesser Celandine likes damp, shady places in deciduous woodland and beside streams.

The leaves are dark green, glossy and heart-shaped. The bright yellow flowers grow on long stalks. They are 2 to 3 cms across with 8 - 12 narrow petals.

Lesser Celandine can be eaten in salads and its buds can be pickled and used in the same way as capers.

This plant is sometimes called Pilewort because it can be made into an ointment for treating piles.

Lesser Celandine - Ranunculus ficaria
    Lesser Celandine Leaf
Lesser Celandine - Ranunculus ficaria  


Lesser Celandine    

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